Where are We now ? . . . . . . We're Rawking ! ! !

Some years have passed, and what has happened with Amy ?
Allergies are gone. . . Chlorestrol is at a Normal Range.
She's at a good weight for her size.

And What has happened with Pete ?
Pete dropped 50 pounds and Pete's Blood Pressure dropped.

Both of us rarely have a sick day. And even if, , , it's a simple sniffle or two.

We both Juice, and prefer it to Smoothies, and we own enough juicers to make your head spin.
We totally believe that juicing is a must for a proper balanced Raw Vegan Diet.

We used to drink Nut Milk, but realizing that Fat is Fat , and Nuts contain Fat,
we have cut back on that to keep a balanced ratio of dietary intake.
We prefer to use the nuts and seeds for butter, or to compliment a salad, or as an ingredient,
for our dehydrated products. But don't get us wrong, we still like nut milk now and then as a Smoothies additive.

We use No Oil additives at all no matter what kind it may be.

We always have Dates soaking in the refrigerator, and use them as sweeteners along with other fruits.

We do not use Supplements as we feel that our nutrition should come from Fresh vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Grains and Seeds.
Although there is one supplement that one should consider and that is a sublingual Vitamin B12.

We used to vend at Farmer's Markets, but with results that were not satisfactory. We also would vend at Special Events,
but once again, just too much work for too little gain.

We enjoy teaching classes, and our pricing is much better than what we see offered by others,
but we just don't receive enough interest to teach as often as we would like.
But it there is interest, we still will offer classes.

So what's up for 2014 ?
Well we are looking forward to Spring Foraging, and picking and abundance of greens which can be found
soon after the ground is bare of snow.

And if things go according to schedule, we will have products on the shelf at
All Things Local Coop , in Amherst Massachusetts, in a few more weeks, April 2014

And as always, customer pickup is available at our home, with a phone or EMail communication.

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