Juicies and Smoothies . . . . What's the Difference ?

Our Juices are a 100% extraction from a Vegetable or selected Fruit . . . NO additives
These juices contain no added water, and are not stored for future use.
Juice is intended to be consumed ASAP after the extraction process.

So how do we sell it? With a timed order and pickup at our home.

Or if we are at a Workshop, Class or Demonstration, Market, where it is being made onsite.

We prefer Juice to Smoothies as juice is a much higher concentrate of nutrients.

Any of you who make Smoothies know that you must add quite a lot of water to keep the product,
from becoming a batch of froth.
They are tasty and incorporate products such as bananas, mangos,papaya, and berries, that don't do well in a juicer.
But we believe that the main consumption of these types of ingredients should be eaten.

There are so many types of juicers, and techniques.

We offer an excellent class on this subject

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