Ingredients . . . . . . What are the Choices ?

We use Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts Grains, Seeds, and when in Season Wild Edibles

Our Recipes are updated and edited as to use

Little or NO Salt . . . No Refined Sugar . . . No added Oils . . . No Preservatives or Food Coloring

Our Products are Gluten Free. We use only BuckWheat and Oats, and these are Gluten Free.

There are soooo many healthy ways to sweeten a recipe. Dates, Figs , Apricots, and other Fruits

Being careful of the source, Stevia is a good choice for someone with sugar concerns,
and we promote it's use. Stevia is a plant that can be purchased at a Green House and is perrenial.
Stevia can also be purchased as a liquid or powder, but watch the source.

Organic or Not, , , The Mighty Question ?

Well of course Organic is Best, but do you know why ?

Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicides, not only kill what they are intended to kill,
but also what they are not intended to kill.

MicroNutients suffer a considerable loss from these "cides".

Vitamin B12 is a micronutrient killed by the "cides"

But there are other issues to consider when looking for Organically Grown

Availability and Pricing.

When we can get Organic products, they are most always more expensive
Is it affordable or worth it ? . . . Can you as a consumer afford the increased price?

That is your choice , not ours. We use a combination of both Organic and Non Organic ingredients.
and they are well noted on our labels.

We always use Organic Sugar when fermenting Kombucha, Ginger Bug, Water Kefir
Organic carrots are affordable and we use those in our Dehydrated Crackers and FlatBreads.
Products such as Kale, and Spinach, are much more expensive when purchased Organic.
Collard, Chard, Turnip Green, Mustard Green, Radish and Beets are hard to find as Organic as Seasons change

But let's face the truth, Organic or Not, you are doing your body a way better service, consuming a Vegan Diet
as compared to consuming Dairy, Poultry, Meat and Fish.

And what about GMO's ? They are Dangerous !

They allow a plant to withstand a poison that other plants growing with them cannot.
When these poison resistant plants are consumed, you are consuming this lethal poison as well.


Bottom Line . . . We Eat what we Sell. . . . And we eat to be healthy

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