Fermented Probiotic Drinks

Top of Our List is Kombucha. It is low in alcohol, less than 1%, and has an impressive flavor.
It takes about 1 month to brew a batch of Kombucha to Our liking.
We only sell it from our home in a vessel that can be purchased, or you can bring your own vessel.
If you bring your own vessel, make sure that it is made of glass.

Our process uses Twinings Tea. 3 bags of Green and 3 bags of Black.
We add the bags to 1 cup of Organic Sugar to 1 gallon of water.

This will produce a Vinegar Flavor which we enjoy. Others prefer adding flavoring,
but we do not add anything.
We sell it for $6 per quart and $11 per 1/2 gallon.

This supply is very limited, first come first serve, unless there is an order placed.
It's a good starter to brew your own too

We do offer a Probiotics Class if and when there is enough interest.

Other probiotic drinks include Ginger Ale, Water Kefir, and Rejuvelac.
Once again , we only sell these from our house in a limited quantity.

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