For Sale . . . . . .Dehydrated Crackers

Sesame--SunFlower Cracker

A Dense Cracker ------Good for munching by itself or Dipping
We make two variations. The Standard with a little White Onion and the Power Packed Combination of White and Red Onion
Sold in several size Deli Containers starting in size with a 8 ounce container, holding a Net weight of 2 ounces.
Selling at $3.89

The Standard Ingredients: SunFlower, Golden Flax, Brown Flax, Black Sesame Seed
White Onion, Garlic Clove, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper

The Power Packed Ingredients:The Standard Ingredients with Extra amounts of White Onions and Red Onions too.

Both versions are Dehydrated at an approximate temperature of 105F to 110F degrees

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