Where We were . . . . Before We were Rawking

Amy had severe allergies. It drove her crazy with constant itching and sneezing and sniffles.
A side affect was having very dark rings around her eyes, which disgusted her.
She tried all kinds of remedies, including bee pollen. But it just wasn't working.

She also had an issue with high chlorestrol. She didn't want to take a pharmaceutical which masks
the symptom, and doesn't address the cause.

Pete was 50 pounds over weight, and had very high blood pressure.
Like Amy , Pete did not want to take a pharmaceutical to mask the cause of the high blood pressure.

Pete's concern of being overweight was a concern only because he felt that it was one of the reasons
that caused the high blood presure. An at the time did not see himself as being that heavy.

We met in January 2001. We both ate a lot of Sharp Cheese. Amy also liked Yogurt, and Pete liked Ice Cream
and Cottage Cheese. We both liked Fruits and Veggies, but we both ate Fish and Poultry.
Pete ate Red Meat too, but Amy never cared for the flavor or texture.
Pete was juicing everyday while at the same time eating too much junk. Amy was not juicing at the time.

Amy was first to take the Big Step and gave up the Dairy and Meat. And not long after she went for
The Raw Living Vegan Diet. Pete finally got there too, but it took a little more convincing.

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